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Have budget cuts slashed your manpower? Are you weary of constantly climbing inside cooling towers to unplug fouled nozzles? Our revolutionary Rotary Spray Nozzle has a patented rotating disc that literally spins on a cushion of water, chewing up and dislodging any debris that normally flows through an open-loop cooling tower. Our towers also contain a patented Water Collection System™ that lets us install our direct-drive motors and fans beneath the canopy of the tower in the cool, dry entering air stream, where they're protected from the natural elements. This prolongs motor service life and, when maintenance is required, motors and fans are accessed easily, and more safely. Our towers have no drive shafts, gear reducers, couplings, belts or pulleys, and its enclosed design uses no access hatches, doorways, stairways, ladders or handrails, so there's never a need to enter the tower to perform routine maintenance. Improve worker safety -- with a Tower Tech cooling tower.

You'll also not find any sediment-type water reservoirs in or under a Tower Tech cooling tower. Our Water Collection System™ and Flow-Thru Basin™ eliminate the need for side air louvers, thereby minimizing splash out. They also eliminate the need for sediment-type cold water reservoirs: the Water Collection System supports the weight of the fill, and as cool water exits the fill it flows directly into the Water Collection System and then into the Flow-Thru Basin inside our tower walls. In fact, water moves so rapidly (5-7 fps) that solids remain in suspension so they can be trapped and eliminated outside the tower. No more wading around inside crusty old cooling towers! What's more, water flowing through the Modular Cooling Tower never sees sunlight: algae can't propagate so there's no need for algaecide treatment.

Constructed of FRP, stainless steel and other no-corrosive component parts, our towers are designed to last 25 years. We build the best cooling tower in the world, and it shows. And our rigorous quality assurance process requires continuous improvement of our products, our processes, and our people.

Field assembly is a thing of the past with our tower. Arriving via standard trailer, our tower is factory pre-assembled so it can be moved from truck-trailer to final installation site in just one hour. No more days-long crane rentals; the only field labor required is to attach our unitary sump container and FRP legs and leg braces, then simply hoist the tower module into place. Electrical and piping connections are simplified, too.

The thermal performance of Tower Tech Modular Cooling Towers has been CTI Certified by the Cooling Technology Institute since 1993. This is your assurance that our towers will perform as required.

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