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Armstrong has been sharing know-how in humidification applications since 1938. Through the design, manufacturing and application of humidification equipment, Armstrong has led the way to countless savings in energy, time and money.   Products include direct steam injection, steam – to – steam, electric, gas fired, air atomizing and unfired clean steam generators.  Short absorption manifolds are available for duct or air handler installations.  The manifolds are designed to work with pressurized or atmospheric steam pressures.

Dry air can cause a variety of costly, troublesome and sometimes dangerous problems, especially when you are processing or handling hygroscopic materials such as wood, paper, textile fibers, leather or chemicals. Dry air or fluctuating humidity can cause serious production problems and/or material deterioration. Dry air can also adversely affect hygroscopic materials in museums, schools, banks, churches and office buildings.

In dry atmospheric conditions static electricity can interfere with efficient operation of production machinery, computers and other office machines. Where static-prone materials such as paper, films, computer disks and other plastics are handled, dry air aggravates the static problem. In potentially explosive environments, dry air and its resultant static electricity can be extremely dangerous.

Please allow us to assist in the design and selection of the right humidifier for your application.


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