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For over 35 years customers have come to know Grease Master as being synonymous with engineering innovation, customized design, rock solid quality and clockwork reliability.

As early innovators of energy-saving kitchen ventilation systems, Grease Master has long been recognized as a leader in its field and today offers an extensive line of kitchen ventilation products from energy-saving makeup air hoods to complete turn-key packages consisting of hoods, fire suppression systems, utility distribution systems, heated makeup air rooftop units, and exhaust up-blast fans. Grease Master's specialty is solving customer ventilation needs by working through architects, engineers and food service consultants from project conception through final installation.

Grease Master products are found in commercial kitchens from coast to coast, north to south and in a variety of locations around the world. Specific hood designs are UL listed and are recognized by prominent code authorities across the United States (CABO, BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI). All hoods bear the NSF International Certification Mark and meet National Fire Protection Association requirements set forth in bulletin #96.


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